14 Hours In London

So the question was what do we do in London on a 14 hour layover to Africa? I was travelling with my work mate Deb, and while she had been there years before, it was my first time so I wanted to make the most of it. We arrive in Terminal 4 at Heathrow bright and early at about 6:30 in the morning after an all nighter. We faced a massive lineup at British Customs and Immigration but the line moved fast and we got through there pretty fast. We hopped on the shuttle to Terminal 3 (where we would be departing from) and dropped our backpacks in passenger storage and then hopped on the tube into London. We got to Leicester Square in about 45 minutes and just started walking. It was still pretty early so there were a lot of people just rushing around to go in to work, and stores were just starting to open their doors for the day. We wandered around aimlessly taking pictures of all the unique sights. We made our way over to Buckingham Palace… you’ can visit London without seeing this tourist attraction. And it was certainly a huge draw, there were massive crowds all around the Palace. We saw the changing of the guard as we were walking up the mall, but it was too far away for pictures. We did see the Beefeaters later at the Palace Guards Museum.
We also saw the BBC, India House, the Lyceum theatre, and hung out in Trafalgar Square.
There was an art exhibit of eggs and egg cups, and across the square was a giant tv set up to show the European Cup soccer.


We also came across Summerset House. We entered the courtyard and there was this huge screen at one end of it. People would sit on the grass and watch films on the big screen in the evenings.

We crossed a bridge and managed to get some great pictures of London from there.


Definately a sign of the times… when we saw a security guard using a hand mirror to check under cars for bombs. After lunch we were exhausted and decided to head back to the airport. When we got there we discovered something call the Yotel. We were able to rent a room for 4 hours… had a nice 3 hour nap and got cleaned up before our long flight ahead. I would definately recommend it. The rooms were clean and quiet and it was a great way to recharge your batteries in the middle of a long trip.

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