One Big Step Closer

Well I took one giant step toward my goal to hit the road this past week. 
We finally finished the condo and put it on the market on Tuesday, in a very fickle real estate market. And it sold, for full asking price… on Friday!  Possession date is November 30th so I will be taking off December 1st… 2 months beyond my deadline and a week after my 50th birthday (I may have to take a quick side trip to NYC to mark that).  It just goes to show how many variables are involved in something as big as this.  My friends who I helped convince to do the same thing, will be 2 months into their journey before I begin mine.  But this isn’t a race. I can’t lose sight of why I’m doing it. I’m not just taking a long vacation… I’m traveling around the world after ending a 23 year  relationship, losing my two dogs, selling my home and quitting my job.  (No wonder my doctor was a little concerned.)
So I now have a target date, I can start working towards that. I have aleady booked the first ‘adventure’ part of the journey… my cycling tour from Saigon to Hanoi … scheduled to begin January 16th in Saigon.
The other part of that big step was telling my boss.  It was one of the hardest parts of planning this adventure, because I really like my boss and where I work.  Yes it’s hard work and stressful, but they’ve given me some amazing opportunities.  Luckily he is behind me all the way!  He actually said he’s proud of me and a little jealous of my plans.  It couldn’t have gone better.  He also opened the door for me to ever come back… if I want.
And when he announced it at work, I was overwelmed with all the amazing comments from people.  Immediately I posted on facebook and again the comments were more than I could have imagined.   Everything from ‘Wow’ to ‘Congratulations’ to ‘You’re my hero’.  But I must say my favourite is from my friend BJ “Ladies and gentlemen…I give you the smartest man on the planet.”

If you’ve been reading these blogs, you’ll see I follow my horoscope regularly… especially from this one site.  I always thought they were fun, but never thought there was much to them… but this one site is always right on.. here’s my horoscope from yesterday when I told everyone…
“Although your close friends and family show up to give you the support you want, your primary power now comes from your own internal reserves. You can grow too intense for others today if you don’t consciously withhold some of your energy. Instead of attempting to put everything out into the open, start the process slowly. Saving parts of your personal story for later should make your case even more convincing in the long run.”

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