Planning Stress

I am feeling a little overwelmed these days.  Now that the big deeds have been done… condo sold, and notice given at work… now the real planning begins. 

I have been booking flights and hotels as I finalize the details.  But I’m wondering if this independent travel idea is going to be too much for an amateur?  I guess when faced with the alternative…traveling with a tour for a premium price, the independent route is the way to go.  It  gives me a lot more flexibility… I can do what I want and when I want. Iit just requires a lot of research.  It’s a good thing I’m a journalist, so research comes naturally.  But the choices are pretty overwelming… hotels versus hostels versus B&B versus apartments versus couchsurfing?  Do I consider a volunteer vacation to one country, or an adventure filled trip?  I’m actually planning some of both.  Do I fly everywhere, or mix it up with trains, boats and buses?  (guess what I chose)
Planning something like this helps you discover a lot about yourself.  I now know what I want… and more importantly what I don’t want, and  what quality of accommodation am I willing to put up with?  Most of the time, I will be content with a roof over my head, a bed…. and a private bath (yes that’s something that is important to me)… but other times I will go the bargain route and stay in a hostel dorm…. or camp… but that will just mean I will enjoy it even more when I book some luxury accomodation.
There’s also the growing list of things to do before I leave… visa photos, get visas,  boost travel insurance, get OHIP continuous coverage for travel outside the country,  get vaccinations and medications, renew prescriptions, get an extra pair of glases, see the dentist,  change of address, contact bank and credit cards, copy all documents,  and the list goes on and on and on.
It’s a tough job   but I love that I’m the someone that has to do it!

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