Preparing… and Waiting

So I’m still working (3 weeks left, as of today!), but I’m trying to do at least one thing every day to bring me closer to my trip.  I have booked flights and accomodation and adventures like the cycling tour of Vietnam… and I went to the Travel Health clinic this week and got some of my shots.  They wanted to give me Rabies vaccine because I intend to work with wildlife at some point during my trip… 3 shots… and $600! then they suggested Japanese Encephalitis… 2 shots… and $400… plus HepA&B Twinrix… $200+.  Then I got my prescription for Dukoral (for travellers diarrhea) and Malarone (anti-Malaria) and a few other things… my prescription bill is another several hundred dollars.  Call me a sucker… but I should be well protected against just about everything that gets thrown at me.  Still I’m going to be careful.  As for health insurance, I have to inform OHIP (Ontario health care) that I’m leaving for 2 years… the maximum I can be away and still have coverage.  Still it is very minimal coverage so you have to have more.  AirTreks also gave me free travel insurance for a year (although I’ve only booked the first 6 months, so not sure what’s going to happen at that point) . It has great protection for just about everything… except medical.  While the evacuation amount is big, the medical care amount is only $50,000 which won’t go far in countries… like the US… so  I intend to top it all up with a good medical insurance package.  Good thing I have a good drug plan at work, it paid for all the vaccinations and most of the medications. If I didn’t have that coverage, I’d be paying close to an amount equal to my airfare for flying from Toronto to Cairo, via Edmonton, LA, Honolulu, Saigon, Siem Reap, and Delhi.   

I also got my iPod Touch…and love it.  It’s going to come in handy on the road.  It’s like an iPhone but without the phone…  though I have added Skype to it, so I can call anyone as long as I have wi-fi!  I’ve added other apps too, Gmail, Facebook,  XE currency converter, Frommer’s Travel Tools (everything from City Guides to a time translator to a flashlight!), World Travel Guide, an alarm clock and I’m looking for more apps…plus of course it has music, mail, Safari, a camera on the front and back that also takes videos!  And it’s so small it fits in your pocket.

What I really need right now… aside from more money… is patience.  It’s one of the things I hope to acquire on my journeys.

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