A Zipline Adventure

My first experience on a zipline was not the high speed adrenaline pumping, thrill a minute, hair raising ride I expected. It felt smooth, easy and above all SAFE – a pretty good experience for my first time.
My friend Steve and I chose the ZipIsle on the Big Island – just a short 15 minute drive from their home in Laupahoehoe. It was set in beautiful botanical gardens so there was lots to look at when you were waiting in line or wandering to the next zipline.

When we arrived we got a short introduction to ziplining, with a few tips before strapping on our harnesses. After a short ride on the mini bus we were given a few more safety dos and don’ts before we hooked up for our first ride. I stepped off the platform with no problem –ignoring my innate fear of heights. It felt slow and almost awkward – but was a very easy introduction to ziplining. Each successive zipline was faster and higher. I quickly learned to get into the cannonball position to go even faster along the course, and had a blast on the longer lines, especially when I was able to take a bit of a run at the start.

For our final zip we were able to go tandem – side by side in a race. Steve and I decided to go first. We hooked in and away we went – I started off pretty good in the cannonball position but Steve quickly moved way out in front – we were told it was all weight based – and the more weight, the faster you would go. (sorry Steve no slight intended – just sayin’ 😉 ) But by the end of the line, he was struggling a bit to get to the landing box while I barrelled in and landed with both feet on the box – first one to touch down with both feet wins – I won!
We had a great time – it was just a fun couple of hours. Would I zipline again? You betcha – hopefully on something even faster and higher!

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5 Responses to “A Zipline Adventure”

  1. Joe Sawan
    December 24 at 3:46 am #

    So much fun, we did one of the ziplines in Puerto Vallarta, it was so much fun, at one point we went from Mountain to mountain, lots of fun!

    • Darren
      December 26 at 10:30 pm #

      wow… that would be amazing! i’ll have to look for it. thanks Joe!

  2. from sara
    December 26 at 10:13 pm #

    that must have been a lot of fun!
    did suzie and steve go with you or was it just you?
    i always wish i could do that! =^.^=

    • Darren
      December 26 at 10:29 pm #

      it was a lot of fun. Yes Steve came with me, but Suzie followed behind with the camera 😉


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