Chasing Summer in LA

Talk about making the most of your time.  I haven’t been in LA for even a full day yet and already have experienced some of my favourite things about the city. 

My niece Karen picked me up when my flight got in around noon and our first stop was lunch at ‘Street’ restaurant by celebrity chef Susan Feniger.  The restaurant was very hip and casual – the food (street food from around the world) was amazing.

Next stop – shopping along Melrose Avenue.  And if you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know how I love to shop, but this trip is putting my self-control to the test.  I can’t buy anything because a) I can’t take it with me and b) I need to save my pennies – the longer I can stretch my money,  the longer I can keep travelling.  It was still fun to browse the cool stores – some with inflatable Santas out front (I’m still not quite used to Xmas without the snow).

We headed to WeHo or West Hollywood for a stroll along Santa Monica Blvd. – the centre of the gay neighbourhood.  We stopped at ‘Rage’ a bar/nightclub I used to come to years ago.  It’s still there and still a great place to people watch from their patio (yes I said patio – it’s warm here and about to get HOT).

Around 6:30 we decided rush hour traffic would be almost over so we decided to head home to Orange County.  We drove through Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive and then got onto Wilshire Blvd.  That’s when we experienced LA at its’ finest – we hit bumper to bumper traffic – stop and go.   It was the worst traffic I have seen in years (yes even worse than Toronto and New York) .  It was stop and go pretty much all the way to LAX (several miles away) but it gave my niece and I lots of time to get caught up.

Right now I’m getting ready to hit the gym for my first attempt at Yoga! We also plan to do some shopping in Laguna Beach (my niece – not me) and then my cousin (a massage therapist) is coming over to give me a massage – a perfect way to end a perfect day.

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2 Responses to “Chasing Summer in LA”

  1. Jaime
    December 16 at 12:41 pm #

    Ahhh its a city I thought I would love but just couldn’t. I spent about a week there 2 years ago and yes I had a lot of fun but I just didn’t like the people. I went to quite a few gay bars in WeHo and I just felt like no one was friendly with us as we tried to conversate with others. I do remember doing LOTS of shopping when I was there, I have to agree with you its got to be hard for a SHOPPER to travel on a tight budget. I love to shop too especially when Im in a different city. I guess its something Ill have to get used too on the road.

    • Darren
      December 17 at 12:23 am #

      You probably were not throwing enough attitude 😉 I have met a few really nice guys in WeHo bars but they were from somewhere else… I know what you mean Jaime. And yes I’m still having trouble controlling my shopping impulses… now in Hawaii for the holiday season and CAN’T SHOP! I’d better get used to it…

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