Helping Cambodian Orphans

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll keep repeating myself but ‘Travelling is all about the people you meet along the way.”  Today I decided to explore Siem Reap on foot to work off the Indian feast from the night before.  As I was strolling by the river, a motorcycle stopped.  I was getting pretty fed up having to say no to every single Tuk Tuk driver and motorcyclist I passed, ‘Hello sir, you want Tuk Tuk?’ But this time the rider said ‘no no I’m not a motocycle driver, I’m a teacher. Where you from?’ (the opening line from just about everyone I’ve met in southeast Asia). When I said Canada, his face lit up.  It seems he runs an English school for orphans at the School for Underprivileged Children in a small village outside Siem Reap and is always looking for English teachers, you can sign up for a minimum of 3 days, they provide food and accomodation for just $4/day and you get to teach the children, orphaned by landmines and AIDS.  Waha explained how his mother was killed by a landmine when she was pregnant with him… he was born immediately after and lived his life as an orphan, and now he’s giving back.  He was in Siem Reap buying books and rice for the kids.  I told him I couldn’t commit to a 3 day visit to the orphanage but how about one day.  He said that wasn’t very practical so I offered him $20usd to pay for some rice for the kids.  He had me sign a form that was basically an official reciept and then he presented me with a Thank-You certificate for helping the  school.  If I had the time I would definately be there to teach the kids.  He showed me a couple of photo albums of the children and of some of the volunteers from around the world as well as their letters to him thanking him for the opportunity to meet and teach these amazing kids.  I promised him I would tell everyone I knew about the school to see if anyone would be interested to help out… and this is my way of doing that.  He had gone to school in Ottawa and has a sponsor in Tavistock, Ontario… what a small world.

If you are visiting Siem Reap, and are interested in helping out at the school, (it doesn’t matter if you have never taught before, if you can speak English you can help the kids) call him directly at 017372570 or email him at

You can also check out the website and blog about the school and

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  1. Lindsay
    February 9 at 9:47 pm #

    Amazing! I hope we can do something like this in India! xo

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