Posting A Parcel From India

If you ever find yourself in India and need to mail a parcel home, I thought I would share my experience… not quite the same procedures I’m used to in Canada.  While visiting Mumbai, I decided to post a parcel home with some souvenirs and personal items. Through all this travel I have managed to pick up a few things along the way, including travel books that I no longer need. I got a cardboard box from the hotel, packed it all up carefully with tons of tape to make sure it was secure and headed over to the main post office nearby, to ship it out.  When I got up to the window I was told it would have to be wrapped in fabric but that someone would come by to help me do that.  A few minutes later a man came over, picked up the box and we left the post office and walked across the street to a stand set up where they do just that.  I had to fill out the customs forms in triplicate (there’s a Xerox vendor right next door… conveniently), then I watched as he cut a piece of muslin fabric that I wondered if it would be large enough. But he pulled it all tight around the box, got out a needle and thread and began sewing it all up.  It was pretty amazing, since in North America they won’t even accept a package if you have it wrapped in paper, this one would be wrapped in fabric and sewed shut!  When he was finished I was handed a felt pen and had to write the address where it would be shipped to, and my address at the hotel I’m staying at.  Then we went back across the street to the Post Office, they weighed it, filled out more forms to send it airmail and handed me a tracking slip… and the bill – 2100rs or about $45! about half the value of everything inside… oh well at least I know it will arrive in good shape… I hope.

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  1. Lindsay
    March 11 at 2:49 pm #

    I want to mail a fabric wrapped package home. Can we do that on SUNDAY?!!?!? YAHHH! See you soon!!!!! xoxo

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