Ready For My Bollywood Closeup

I walked out of the hotel this morning after breakfast to see lights, cameras and equipment set up all around was this a Bollywood film in the making?  As I stood there checking it out,  a floor director was yelling at me to get out of the shot, so I said ‘are you sure you don’t want me in the movie?’  He laughed and said, “no there is only one actor in the ‘commercial’”.  Here I thought there was going to be a big Bollywood flick filmed before my eyes, and maybe my big break,  instead it was a TV ad for a motorcycle or helmet (I never did quite figure out which one).  I quickly ducked back inside but kept watching the action going on all around me.  It was hilarious watching the security people trying to keep gawkers and those going about their business, off the street and ‘out of the shot’.  Unlike films in North America where streets and sometimes whole neighbourhoods are blocked off, traffic was still moving and people were still walking down the street with the 3 security people trying to keep them away.  Finally about an hour and a half later, the star of the commercial began walking toward the set.  The crowd was buzzing and the hotel staff came running out to take a look at John Abraham, a former model and now Bollywood star… tall, dark and handsome and exuding that star charisma.  You knew immediately who the star was and who were his hangers-on. He was with a small entourage including one person holding an umbrella over him to shield him from the sun (and the paparazzi…me).  He went to the set and did a walk through for the ad and then left.  It wasn’t over yet though.  There was more scrambling around, readjusting camera angles etc and about an hour later he came back, this time with a security guard leading the way. As I tried to take a photo, the guard starting waving his arms wildly at me… ‘No Photos!’…strange, I thought that was what stars liked. He got back on the set and did a few more run-throughs and stood on his mark for several minutes.  At about this time I got bored (if you’ve ever been on the set of a movie, tv series or commercial you will know that there is a lot of waiting) so I grabbed my camera and headed back inside.  Disappointed that Bollywood hadn’t discovered me yet.

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